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Venture Business

Alleman Hall McCoy Russell & Tuttle LLP represents a variety of companies that are funded by venture capital firms. The firm enjoys working with entrepreneurial clients, and offers deferred billing packages for select start-up clients, and also occasionally takes an ownership position in its clients. The firm works with founders, investors, and key technical people to help to build patent portfolios that maximize the value of the enterprise. Strong patent portfolios can significantly increase the value of the original investment during acquisition and funding events. All of the firm’s partners are active in the firm’s venture business practice.

Success Story:  Alleman Hall McCoy Russell & Tuttle LLP represented Redline Networks through acquisition in 2005 by Juniper Networks for approximately $132 million in cash and assumed stock options. The firm’s attorneys strategized closely with Redline founders from the pre-incorporation stage, through the release of several generations of web-based application optimization products. As a result of the close collaboration, the firm built strong patent and trademark portfolios that were leveraged by Redline to increase market share, and to maximize the company’s valuation during the acquisition.